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Some of you may know founder and CEO of GCG Richard Alexandre is passionate about anti-Scam education and fraud prevention. GCG as a start-up is heavily invested in forex trading and fraud prevention software development. Hence, the content in our official website skews heavily towards these topics. 

This week we talk in layperson terms about how to protect yourself from internet fraud, scams, malware attacks and more. These simple things like protecting your login information, can help prevent major losses. In a world where technology revolves around humans, it has become even more challenging to assist people in portraying good behaviors. In GCG Asia Forex Malaysia, it is stated that most people are drawn into their technology and machine rather than pure human contacts. These help them to cope living in a futuristic era where everything revolves around technology and humanity. On the other hand, GCG Asia Forex Malaysia has reviewed a few comments regarding the relationship between humans and technology.

As everyone is familiar with innovative technologies, more people develop talents in escaping reality with dirt from using technology, as mentioned in the GCG Asia Forex Malaysia forum. For instance, scam ads or websites lure individuals into trapping themselves. As stated by the GCG Asia Forex Malaysia, the identification of scams in today’s environment requires a thorough strategy to correlate pieces of information with anomalous behaviors. Scammers have evolved complex techniques. Therefore it is crucial to keep up with these shifting methods. Moreover, the Internet has been one of the most popular instruments to fight scams and thieves with their more complex attacks. Therefore, GCG Asia Forex Malaysia suggested that every individual knows about identifying scams and ways to prevent them.

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1. Stay up to date with your mobile and desktop devices. With the newest software and safety, operating systems and web browsers, viruses, adware, and other online dangers are the best defenses. GCG Asia Forex Malaysia prioritizes secured browsers for every software update to avoid phishing or scam tactics to penetrate the new updated system. GCG Asia Forex Malaysia also pushes the public to check the main URL of the selected websites to identify any acts of an attempted scam. Popular social media platforms, internet banking gateways, or IT executives often utilize communications to attract suspicious people. As mentioned by GCG Asia Forex Malaysia, this method is more accessible as people nowadays have limited awareness of the danger of internet scams. The phishing platform’s domain name may nearly be like the genuine page. It may even include the actual site URL but also code to redirect visitors to a fake site. However, not all scam websites are easy to detect as the technology used has also developed through time which helps them replicate better. GCG Asia Forex Malaysia highlighted that the possibilities of getting scams are high as long as you are using the Internet, which means that you have no other choice than to master the reverse art of internet scams. 

2. Next is to protect your PC or laptop with spam, anti-virus, and firewalls filters. These applications and programs ought to be kept in updated versions to offer optimum results. GCG Asia Forex Malaysia stated that these additions are justified like vaccination for the human. This is because you can never predict when and what a scam is unless you created it. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry. 

3. On the other hand, GCG Asia Forex Malaysia also prioritizes securing all your passwords for any applications that involve getting signed in within the Internet. This is because there are always people watching you, clicking on your details. GCG Asia Forex Malaysia highlighted that obtaining passwords are never hard for hackers because of the nature of the business that they are in. Therefore, it is advisable to act right away if you believe you were a victim of an internet scam. If you have supplied an anonymous source with account information, PINs, or passwords, tell businesses that you have credentials immediately. As mentioned by GCG Asia Forex Malaysia, this helps in updating the users following their awareness of identity theft in their surroundings. 

4. In GCG Asia Forex Malaysia, the ultimate security measure that will make it easier for you to deal with a scam is to protect your internet connection. This means that passwords and URLs are kept private and for the sake of having friends. Therefore, always secure a password for your home wireless connection. Be careful about what details you transmit while connecting to public Wi-Fi networks as everyone has access to it.

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